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Did you ever press the button K, KW or SW on your radio set? There's only noise and whistles to be heard you say! That's what you thought !!! A common house radio with shortwave band, 10 to 20 feet of wire serving as antenna and some patience and a whole fascinating world opens. Radio stations from Canada, Brazil, South-Africa, Australia... In almost every country of the world you find these shortwave stations. They transmit in many languages.

Over shortwave all the news bulletins arrive directly at your home without any delay. Besides news bulletins there's also music to be heard from those countries, tourist information, programs for stamp collectors, shortwave amateurs or questions from listeners are answered.

These programs usually take 30 minutes to one hour. The transmission times and frequencies often change to insure a good reception. For this reason it's difficult for the individual listener to keep up. Therefore shortwave listeners (DXers) unite in DX-clubs. DX-Antwerp is the only Flemish DX-club. DX-Antwerp also counts an important group of 'utility-listeners'. They listen to numerous forms of radio communications, ranging from ship and air-transmissions to press agencies, radio navigation etc. Further more it's also possible when atmospheric or ionospheric conditions are favourable to receive TV transmissions from far away. The technical aspect of their hobby thrills some of our members and the number of computer applications grows steadily.

DX-Antwerp is not involved in radio amateurism (HAM radio) we believe there are enough clubs who take care of this aspect of the radio hobby. Our association has as first goal to improve the contact between the members.

A warm welcome to all.

Four times a year our club magazine DXA-Bulletin is published, with the latest news from the radio world, the loggings of our members, tests, schematic diagrams, experiences etc. A magazine with up-to-date information and a useful reference work in our 'shack'. Sample copies are available. Normally our club bulletin is published entirely in Dutch. However foreign members won't have a problem with the logbooks. Further more as a member you can obtain our own publications.

Each year DXA puts up an open-day weekend. During this event we demonstrate publicly our activities. Seeing the fantastic co-operation between the members this event has always been a great success.

Membership fee:
Members in Belgium25 euro
Members in Europe28 euro
Members outside Europe  30 euro